Microsoft share of web devices has plummeted since 2009

Microsoft is no longer king of the playground as new research shows that only 25% of web devices now run Microsoft operating systems.

This figure is a stark contrast to the data we received in 2009, revealing that 90% of devices that connect to the internet ran on MS OS.

“Microsoft may yet manage to turn Windows tablets and phones into products with meaningful market share, but it will never be dominant again,” says industry analyst Ben Evans.

The drop in market share can be linked to the rise in popularity of alternative devices, like Google’s Android, or Mac OS. As the market saturated, Microsoft has lost its monopoly, and an array of brands now fill Starbuck’s windows.

Alternatives to PC’s are also more abundant as we see tablet sales rise in place of laptop purchases, meaning Microsoft has to seriously up its game to keep on track with consumers.

Microsoft has fallen foul of its fan-base in recent months with serious concerns over the Xbox One, but it showed it can listen to users with the updates to Windows 8. How do you think Microsoft is faring in 2013? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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