Take a look at these redesigned iOS 7 apps

It’s been almost a month since WWDC and i can still hear the Android fan’s victorious laughter in proximity. There have been a lot of news surrounding virtually every nook and corner of iOS 7. Every decision has been analysed and debated. Arguments were made and wars were reignited. Some love that Apple finally made changed a 6 year old OS, some are not happy with the feature set, some think the home screen looks like it was designed by primary school kids and some threw up at the sight of the jarring purple icons. Let’s take a look at what some redesigned iOS 7 apps might look like.

There are as many views as there are people when it comes to iOS 7. It can be confusing what to think of an OS that you haven’t even used yet when all of your influencers have a different voice.

I personally think that what Apple showed on June 10th doesn’t matter nearly as much as what the Developers will be able to do with it. After all iOS was successful because of the App store and the revolutionary apps. With iOS 7, Apple just wiped the slate empty. Welcome to the Playground, as Google would say.

 Redesigned iOS 7 Apps:

We won’t get to play with the redesigned apps till iOS 7 releases in Fall and who knows how much time developers will take to update their apps to iOS 7 guidelines. But if we go by some of the mock-ups created by some amazing designers, it looks like they will (mostly) look beautiful.

Instagram looks really streamlined and the white-blue color combination really takes off here. Even the highly discarded icons look in place in Instagram.


Flat Skype app UI doesn’t look that much different but we could surely do with a darker gradient of Blue.



Whatsapp looks a bit too loud without the shadows. And you thought Flat always meant Minimal.



The new Helvetica Neue Ultra Light font really works in this mock-up of Facebook app. Everything feels at home.



Viber. Ughh. The no shadow-no filter philosophy really doesn’t work with any variant of Purple. As we’ve already seen with the Apple icons, Purple is the official enemy of iOS 7.



These are just mock-ups designed by some really passionate designers. We will wait to see how things really turn out. But if this is a sign, Apple may have rewritten the App design history (again). You can check out more mock-ups here.


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