iPad Apps for business leading

Why follow when you can lead? Applications allow you to remain in constant contact with your business. They can help to elevate you above all of the businesses who are just working 9 to 5. This is especially handy if you are running a retail or eCommerce business, as trade does not stop at 5pm when you are online. Your web metrics will show you that retail websites are accessed the most at 11am, and that eCommerce websites are accessed more after 7pm.

Instead of playing catch-up every morning at nine, you can stay ahead of marketing, sales and re-ordering at any time of the day with your iPad. You can lead the way instead of running to regain ground every morning. Here are the applications that’ll definitely help you:

1. Evernote

You can note things down on your mobile device and save them for later. This means you need never worry about losing an idea or missing a moment again. What’s more, you may also add images and videos to the database, or to your notes. You may organize them as you wish for easier retrieval later. Plus, if you do not have the time to write down all your thoughts, you can leave a voice memo too. The simple fact that you have constant access to your database of ideas is going to put you ahead of the rest.

2. Square

Business leading is more about getting to the top of the Google search results or getting the most traffic. It is about putting yourself and your website out there. With the Square app you may do this whilst taking credit card payments at the same time. You simply connect the card reader to your iPad and run the transaction through the Square app. Whilst others are online trying to fight for traffic, you can be in and among it all and take credit card payments straight away.

3. Freshbooks

This is a popular iPad app that you can use with your iPhone and iPod too. It is a user friendly app that is very intuitive so that it takes a lot of the work (thinking) out of doing your accounts. It is also very good at allowing you to record the metrics you need in order to create an invoice for your customers. For example, you can record the value of purchased goods and the value of staff hours and compile them into a customer invoice.

4. Asana

This app will allow you to lead in business and lead your team at the same time. This is a task manager app that you can use for both the iPad and for Android tablets. It allows you to organize your tasks in to projects, which you may then spread around your staff. Once your staff are aware of the project, you may dictate what role they play in it. Even if you work on your own, you can organize your tasks so that you manage your time more efficiently. This is handy because if you work alone then you have to deal with online maintenance, SEO, reordering, packing and posting. This means that time management and organization are key, which is why Asana is so useful.

5. Google Drive

All business leaders are going to need access to their files at a moment’s notice. In the old days this would mean carrying around a briefcase, but these days you can just access your files on the Google Drive. You may upload your business files and price lists on the Google Drive, and then no matter what (popular) mobile device you have, you are able to gain access to those files very quickly. You may also share them with other people.

6. PayPal

Stay ahead with the PayPal app. Gain instant access to your balance, create invoices or simply convert your balance. You can make withdrawals and deposits, just so long as you have already set up the bank details on your desktop computer.

7. HootSuite

Post things on Twitter and Facebook via this app. There are even functions for LinkedIN and Foursquare too. You can stay ahead of the pack by spending less time on your social media campaigns. You can orchestrate your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook from this single app. Since Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social media networks, it only makes sense that you would want to run a campaign on them.

With this app you can post things, edit your posts and even schedule your posts. This means that you can literally stay ahead of the rest as it allows you to post whilst all of your competitors are out to lunch or busy at work. You can post things at optimum times when your clients and customers are all on Facebook and Twitter, but when your competitors will be busy. It is a great way to stay ahead of your less savvy competitors.


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