Get the most of your Rooted Android Phone – Sound Enhancement


So you did a couple of hours of research, called some friends, made some forum posts and finally rooted your Android phone. Congratulations, it all worked out for you. Now you have more power over the device you own to customize/enhance it just to your liking. Stock firmware doesn’t seem worthy of a rooted phone. This Guide will feature all the awesome tweaks you can use to enhance sound on your Android phone.

Note: Processes mentioned in this article require Root and a fair amount of knowledge about Android and Rooting process. We are not responsible for any Bricked or damaged devices. Use any of these Mods at your own risk and after reading the guide carefully.


Beats Audio: In some Android phones (especially Nexus devices), the audio quality is average at best. HTC remedied that with integration of Beats Audio. Now the actual improvement from these changes is always up for debate but we can’t deny it’s improvement in bass/clarity when paired with Headphones and even the increase in volume when using speakers. If you have a Rooted phone you can get all these enhancements. And just so it’s not too hard for you Developer RockoDevAudio has released a nifty app called RockoDevAudio Mod. Just Install the application, follow the simple process through the App and you will be done in no time. If you want a lot more control over the audio quality and are used to all things root, you can try the Audio Enhancement Mod by XDA user REDSTRIKER.

Xloud: Sony’s Xloud had one aim and one only, to turn that shit loud. Many Android phones have teeny tiny speakers and maybe you just want to avoid that awkward moment when you show a funny clips to your friends in a crowded room and no one can hear anything. Xloud will save you from such moments. You can visit this thread on XDA to know all about it. Fair warning, this process is not as easy and just installing an app. More knowledge about Flashing and modifying directories is needed so we’ll advise the normies to stay away from this one.

Nexus Devices: Nexus 4 users will want to flash this all in one Sound Enhancement Mod which includes Beats Audio and Xlouder. This will give you sharper quality and a toned out bass while using the headphones and increase the volume by a whole lot without reducing the quality while using the speakers. We’ve talked about the pitiful low volume of Nexus speakers already, this mod will implement the volume enhancements system wide so you can hear all your notifications, alarms and calls easily. You can get the same MOD for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.


DSP Manager: DSP Manager is usually bundled with the CyanogenMod ROM. But that doesn’t mean it’s not available for any rooted phone out there. DSP Manager is famous for it’s enhanced sound processing capabilities. Features like Noise Compression and Bass Boost help you get the most out of your phone. Plus, it features a very versatile Equalizer so the audiophiles among you will have a ball tweaking it out to your specific taste. Follow the Guide over at iAndoidHacker for Installation.


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