NBA Live 14 to be limited to the next-gen consoles

NBA fans are surely disappointed as EA Sports didn’t produce a single NBA Live game in the past three years. But here comes a good news, with some bad news too. EA Sports has confirmed that it’s NBA Live 14 will be coming out this fall, but will only be limited to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The developer said in a press announcement, “NBA LIVE 14 is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall and will usher in a new era of basketball on next-generation consoles.”

We saw the game being revealed during the pre E3 conference which was introduced by Sean O’Brien, Executive Producer, NBA, along with Kyrie Irving, who will be featured on the cover of the popular title.

The trailer clearly hints at the improved graphics, players possesing a more realistic look, while new features like the ‘BounceTek’ and the ‘True Player Motion’ suggested a better gameplay. The ‘BounceTek’ feature allows the ball to be separated from the hand every time a player dribbles it, giving rise to more snatching opportunities, whereas the ‘True Player Motion’ helps players make 360° turns, crossovers and many such moves at a quick pace.

O’Brien even mentioned, “The latest edition of the game could see more of physical battle than just the pass and score game.”

The game, running on the EA Games’ new Ignite Engine, could deliver a superior on-the-court performance and bring more realism in the playing style.

Though EA Sports believe that the latest addition to the NBA Live franchise could help in challenging its market competitor, the reality would be accessed only once the games hit the stores. But for now, our verdict would be that limiting such a popular title to the next-gen consoles would definitely affect the sales of the game.

Do let us know how you fell about the EA Games’ decision of making NBA Live ’14 limited to the next-gen consoles.


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