How to install iOS 7 Beta?

Apple Fanboy? Can’t wait for the official release of their latest OS, the iOS 7? Here we bring an installation guide by which you will be able to use the iOS 7 before everyone does. As we know, iOS 7 Beta is already available for Developers and you need a UDID verified device for that. It’ll cost you about $8 to get that done.

So, if you already have an iDevice which is compatible with iOS 7, you’re at the right place.

Note:  Once you upgrade your device with this iOS 7, you wont get back to the previous iOS.

The devices compatible with iOS 7:

Here you go. Please keep in mind the above note before moving down to the steps.

  1. First make sure that you’ve got the latest version of iTunes installed. Without having the latest iTunes, you won’t be able to have a feel of the iOS 7. Download the iTunes from the following below –

Download the latest version of iTunes

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta for your device.

iPhone 5 [A1428]

iPhone 5 [A1429]

iPhone 4S 

iPhone 4 [GSM Rev A]

iPhone 4 [GSM]

iPhone 4 [CDMA]

iPod touch 5G

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the respective version, connect your device to the PC and launch the iTunes.

  2. On tapping the iDevice’s icon and scroll down to the “Restore” option. It’ll ask you for the OS, browse to the file you downloaded in the Step 2. And now click “Restore”.

  1. The installation process will start after hitting the “Restore” button. Wait for the installation to finish, it’ll take some time.

  2. Once the installation has concluded you will be able to use the new iOS on your device. Enjoy!

Do let us know your views on this installation guide and the iOS 7 as well, though comments.


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