iOS 7 unveiled at WWDC 2013

Apple has unveiled the much awaited iOS 7 at this years WWDC. This time iOS 7 has experienced the biggest change since the introduction of iPhone.

The iOS 7 comes with a refined user interface this time which sports flat icons, new fonts, translucent bars, a redesigned slide to unlock screen, a slide up control panel.

It also boasts a new card based multitasking feature which has a 3D interface. This time Apple has introduced the multitasking feature for all the apps. The company also told that the new OS will auto-detect which apps you use the most and gives them priority on background cycles.

This time Safari has also gone a major UI redesign, Safari now sports a new tabbed user interface, a smart search and provides one tap access to User’s Safari favourites.

What came as a disappointment was that these features are not so innovative. It looks like Apple just took the ideas from the other OS and implemented them in its iOS 7. The translucency doesn’t appear to be much attractive and it would have been better if Apple would have kept itself away with that.


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