A look at OS X Mavericks

Apple has announced the next version of Mac OS X at the keynote for WWDC 2013. The next version called as OS X Mavericks (10.9) comes with some new features and improves on the already present ones. Lets have a look at what it has to offer us.


As one of the feature brought from iOS to OS X, the iBooks on OS X looks mostly the same as it’s on iOS. Now the books you have download on your iPhone, iPod or iPad appears directly on your Mac too. Reading the books on the Mac is as intuitive as it is on iPhone or other iOS devices. You can use pinch to zoom, scroll from cover to cover and swipe to turn the page. When you highlight a passage, take notes or add a bookmark iCloud pushes them to all your devices.


Apple has been criticized very much regarding its mapping service. But with OS X mavericks the maps has improved very much. With OS X Mavericks the maps have been built into Mails, Contacts and Calendars too. So whenever you see an address you can right away see that on the Map too.


The calender app has been streamlined too. The Calender now features smooth scrolling that lets you flow through weeks and months smoothly, So, you can look at the last halve of one month and first halve of the next month. The new event inspector boasts some really good features. It starts suggesting you addresses when you type a location in the location bar, helps you calculate the travelling time, and also displays the weather.


Safari on OS X Mavericks delivers blazing fast performance. The Safari has been improved to use less power and make the web pages load faster and for all this all the credit goes to the new Nitro Tiered JIT and Fast

Start. The new sidebar features shared links which will contain the links posted by the people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can keep up with the interesting new content.


iCloud Key Chain

No matter how intelligent you are but remembering your passwords is a lot of pain and that too if you use a lots of services with different passwords. But now that pain is gone, the new iCloud keychain will do that work for you. It stores the username and passwords for the websites on the different devices you have approved with a solid AES-256 bit encryption and keeps them up-to-date on all the devices. The iCloud keychain works with the credit card information too so shopping is just a snap.

Full-Screen Apps

Though a feature introduced in OS X Lion, the full screen apps concept was good but many users complained that its not perfect for the use specially when you are using multiple displays. After a long wait, Apple has perfected the full screen apps concept and now its more useful whether you are using a single display or multiple display.


With OS X Mavericks comes the ability to interact with notifications and that too without leaving your app. You can reply to a message, respond to a video call or delete an E-Mail right from the notification. In addition to that you can also signup with your favourite websites to get up-to-date information. Whenever there is an update a notification will appear and this does not require Safari to be running.

Finder Tabs

The Finder has also been improved with the new OS X. The new Finder tabs helps you declutter your desktop by combining multiple Finder Windows into one. You can keep one tab for your documents, one for your pictures or anything you want. To move a file from one tab to another you just have to drag and drop that file. The new Finder can also be used in full screen mode and effortlessly move the files.


OS X Mavericks offers you a bit of something more to manage your files easily. The new tags feature in Mavericks helps you tag different files so you can find them easily. You can give a file multiple tags to assign it to multiple projects. To find a file with a particular tag just look for the tag in the Finder sidebar or search for it and whoosh…, all files related with that tag appears.


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