What to expect from this year's WWDC?

As we all know that Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference is scheduled for today, i.e, 10th June 2013 at 22:30 IST. We have heard a lot of rumors regarding what Apple will be putting up at it’s Keynote. Here we present you the glimpse of all the possible surprises.

1. iOS 7

Well, a WWDC without a new iOS will be dry. Server logs have already revealed iPhones and iPads running the platform as Apple tests to ensure it’s ready to launch. The new iOS will have a new leader, Apple’s hardware designer, Jony Ive has taken the charge of Software as well.

2. OS X 10.9

Another major expected appearance lies at the Apple’s new Mac OS. We are widely expecting the OS X 10.9 to be on stage at the World Wide Developers Conference. The major surprise lies after which cat will the new OS be named? Apple has also incorporated some iOS features into it’s new OS.

3. iPhone 5S

We did see the leaked images of a new iPhone. It’s hard to believe that iPhones 5S won’t be launched at this year’s WWDC. But Tim Cook hinted that we won’t get to see iPhone 5S very soon. On the other hand, we witnessed some legit leaked statements which stated that iPhone 5S would be in the markets in July ’13.

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4. iPad Mini 2

We did witness the hit of iPad Mini, but there had been some buzz about how good an iPad Mini would be that would feature Retina Display. Well, there is strong hope that Apple would introduce the users to iPad Mini 2 at this year’s WWDC, which would definitely have a higher quality display.

Tim Cook’s statement to it’s investors also strengthen our hope. He said, “Our teams are hard at work at some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014.”

5. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

If you remember last year’s WWDC where Tim Cook promised that “something really great” was coming for Mac Pro users this year. Well, no doubt. We’ll definitely get to see a new and better Macbook

6. iRadio

With rumours that Apple now has deals with Universal, Warner and Sony Music, it looks as though we’ll at least a perfectly streaming service unveiled at the WWDC 2013. Though, we might have to wait for sometime for it’s actual launch.

7. iLife 2013 and iWork 2013

In the Apple Dictionary, iLife refers to the collection of GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie; and iWork is Pages, Numbers and Keynotes. Well, considering these collective applications on Mac OS X, these apps still refer to 2009 and 2011, respectively. On the other hand, for an iOS user these applications have been regularly updated. So, it’s no surprise to an Mac OS X user to see an improved iLife and iWork update.

8. iWatch

Well, though it’s hard to expect this to be launched without it’s own special event (all the major iOS devices have a separate launch event), still we do have some rays of hope. We also had some rumors about a wearable tech by Tim Cook.



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