Windows Phone leaked screenshots reveal the Notification Center

The only noticeable feature that wasn’t available in Windows Phones series was the ‘Notifications’. Though it did gave an indication immediately after the phone is unlocked. Recent screenshot leak of Windows Phone indicate that Microsoft has added the ‘Notification Center’ in it’s Operating System, which users around the globe were looking forward to.

According to the screenshots, we can get to know the Operating System version, i.e., 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407, which means that it was compiled on 9th May 2013. These screenshots had been posted by a Reddit user, who bought a Nokia Lumia 920 and says that these features are bundled onto the Operating System.

Other features, revealed in the update includes a new Calender Applications, Frequency of usage of applications, ‘Data Sense’ which indicates the data usage in the past month.

Sorting applications have also been improved, now we can sort the applications according to our usage too (earlier, the only way of sorting was according to the name).

We know that Microsoft wanted a Notification Center for Windows Phone from a long time, but the company had agreed to that they were unable to deliver the same due to lack of time.

Microsoft’s Thomas Fennel had even indicated at BUILD when he was answering a question. “It’s very very important to me… we get tons of feedback from developers that they want something like that as well. I promise we’re thinking very very hard on that one.”

Source : Reddit | TheVerge (Images)


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