Kim Dotcom gets access to all the data seized during Police Raid

It indeed has been a long time since had been seized during the Police Raid, including all the data. Recently, Kim Dotcom,the founder of the popular file storage and sharing service, has hit a small victory. Kim has now been given access to all the data which had been seized then.

Until now, the entrepreneur had no access to any of the computers, hard drives or documents that authorities confiscated during the Raid in January 2012. Kim argued that not giving him the access harmed his chances in the legal proceedings, putting him at a disadvantage.

Now, the New Zealand authorities are ordered to grant him the access to all the computers, hard drives or documents that were confiscated during his house raid in 2012. Additionally, they must return and destroy any copies of all data irrelevant to the case.

Kim, was arrested last year by New Zealand authorities working with the FBI after U.S. authorities accused him of running a digital piracy service. Ever since, he has been fighting extradition to the U.S.

This is how he celebrated his small legal victory on the Social Networking website:



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