HTC One Google Edition gets a release date

The much awaited HTC One Google Edition has now recieved a launch date. The phone will be made available through the Google’s own Play Store by June 26 with a price tag of $599.

With this price tag and launch date, the HTC One will collide head to head with the Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Both the phones are the Flagships of their respective Company’s and our massive powerhouses. But this time the Google Edition of HTC One has littler edge over the Google Edition Of Galaxy S4 regarding the price tag. But I don’t thing $50 is going to matter much to a person willing to spend this amount of money on a phone.

The soul reason why we think that the Google Edition of both these smartphones is going to be hit is the fact that not only these phones are the top Android phones that  money can currently buy. But they also have the signature Nexus feature of unlocked boot-loader. This is not only going to attract a lot consumers but also many developers. And of course these phone will have almost identical specifications and will also be blessed with Google’s constant software updates.


Both the Phones are top notch and provide the premium Android experience, the only thing that is yet to be known is that which phone will appeal to the consumers more. Do give us your views through comments.


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