Gmail gets tabs, aims to categorize your inbox

We all get different types of emails like messages from friends, partners, advertisers, etc. All these mails compete to get our attention and due to this we often miss on some important mails. To solve this problem Google has redesigned Gmail so that we can easily have a look on the more important mails rather than to search for them in your cluttered Mailbox.

In the Desktop view your inbox groups your mails into categories which will appear as different tabs. Your inbox is organised in a way that lets you see whats new at a glance and decide what e-mails you want to have a look on. For example, the primary category displays the most important mails, The Social category contains messages from social sites such as Google Plus, the Promotion category contains mails which have promotional messages.

This new version of G-Mail is highly customizable, you can configure your categories just by using drag and drop, you can also select which sender should appear in which category. The new design also gives you the power of dragging mail from one category to another.

The G-Mail for Android 4+ and for iPhone & iPad opens with the Primary category as default and allows you to easily navigate between different categories.


The new update will be rolling out slowly for everyone. If you are very eager to try the new look just check gear at the right side of your Mailbox to know when the option of Configure inbox. For those who feel that the new inbox style is not what they want, they have the option to move back to the classic design.


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