Apple CEO, Tim Cook hints release of a wearable device

At a time when Google Inc. Is all set to release its wearable Google Glasses to the consumer market, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has hinted that Apple may release a wearable computing device too. Apple is world famous for its products like iPod, iPhone and iPad which has proved to be a game changer in the Mobile and Tablet market. But now when Samsung

and other companies have taken the top spot in the Mobile market, Apple is struggling to get its position back in the market and to boost its revenues.

In a recent interview Tim Cook was heared saying “Google Glass-A cross between Computer and eye glasses which can record video and audio is likely to have less appeal to the general public”. He added that there is a lot to be researched about this field to as to overcome its shortcomings.


Cook also hinted on the updates to its iOS platform adding that more will be revealed at its World Wide Developer Conference. He also added that the company is also investing heavily in its online services like mapping service.

Now, all the focus is on Apple’s WWDC in which Apple may release some of the most hinted products that were rumored earlier.



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