Playstation 4 wins over Xbox One in the poll

The PS4 seems set to trump the Xbox One in the upcoming console clash of the titans. A recent Twitter poll by found PS4 enthusiasts with 88% of the vote share, compared to the Xbox One crowd’s relatively lackluster 12%.

The gaming news-site’s poll encourages users to tweet using the hash-tag phrases #gamespotps4 or #gamespotxbox to mark their allegiance.

The webpage also comes with a world map shaded blue (PS4) or green (Xbox One) to show popularity in individual countries. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the entire map is blue.

Interestingly, Somaliland was the only country not to have votes in the poll, although arguably they have greater problems than worrying about retail clashes between two first-world corporations.

Both companies recently revealed their consoles to the world, with PS4 taking a notably game-heavy approach, whilst Microsoft showcased their new kit as a high-powered entertainment system.

The PS4 does seem to creep over the Xbox slightly in some of the more technical specs, with Sony’s machine boasting 176GB/S of system memory bandwidth, around two-and-a-half times more than the Xbox One. The maximum shader throughput on the PS4 is also just over a third more than what Microsoft is offering with their console.

The current generation of consoles released in 2005-2006 saw the Xbox 360 initially perform considerably better than the PS3 in stores thanks to its early release date, low-cost, and high-profile game franchises.

Check out our reviews of the Xbox One and PS4, and then let us know who’ll get your support in the comments section.


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