Google Maps, the new Beginning

This year, Google I/O was amazing. Lots of new announcements and a way too much innovation. But one of the best thing to be announced was the new Google Maps! Its just new groundbreaking technology that you will just love. Its a complete redesign over the past things. The new UI is just so smooth and appealing that you will tend to use it every time even if you don’t want to.

This change is the biggest since the launch of Google Maps itself. It now has, sort of, Google Earth included in the web version. The map is now completely full screen and touches every edge of your screen. Google has integrated Google Now’s card UI to present information from everything possible, reviews from Zagat and Google+, Street View, Photos, directions, pretty much everything Google and trusted review sources. The new Google Maps just fits the Google’s new aesthetics.

The new Maps looks like an application than more of a website, it has everything you want in a Maps product. Talking more about Google Maps now, the map is dynamic and changes based on what you do. It remembers what you have done and improves itself as you use it, It’s more like it learns from what you do. It integrates reviews from your friends and public, shows offers for the place you selected if available. The maps are now completely vector based and loads much faster than before. The new location based services and what the users gives it, the new Maps automatically shows you your Home, Work Locations and frequently searched items.

Google Maps now includes full earth-view maps also, including the whole universe view. Google says that the clouds on the ‘earth’ and the location of Sun and Moon is live, that’s pretty true as I tested it. The new Google Maps is more intelligent and predicts what you might want to do. Like, if you search for a Cinema nearby, it will also show you some restaurants as you might want to go there after the movie.

Google Maps now has integrated 3D building like the ones you might have seen in Google Earth. I really can’t show you that, as you can not see them in photos. There is also a ‘plane view’ mode, that tilted Windows like thing on the right corner. I can’t show you that also.

The new Google Maps is just a leap forward in the current time as compared to anything else. As this is in Beta/Preview for now, it may have bugs and problems. If you do not care about any bug and just want to try it out, go ahead and sign up for the beta!

Google Maps preview is currently invite-only, and you can get your invite from here. Note that you might not get the new UI very soon.


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