5 Must-have Android Apps for Indian users

Android has redefined the world of mobiles; it brought smartness to the phones through apps, which were thought to be used just for calling and messaging purposes. Add to the fact that Android mobiles are available across all price-points, shapes and sizes, apps have become hugely popular concept. With more than 700,000 apps in the Play store, it is difficult to find what extremely useful apps. That’s why we bring this article of must-have Android apps for users in India-

Justdial (Free)

Justdial is one of the most popular services for finding about anything in a particular location. It’s become local search equivalent of Google Search. The app offers all those features available when one calls Just dial’s toll-free number and much more:

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Rediff News (Free)

In this information age, one must be aware of his/ her surroundings and that’s where these news app comes into place. While there are several apps from Indian newspapers and TV news channel, Rediff News not only gives news from its own site but many other popular sources. Features of Rediff News:

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Indian Rail and Trains (Free)

This app comes from one of the most popular travel website in India- ixigo. Since, most of the users own a mobile phone, it would be better if they could gather information and book tickets from the comfort of mobiles. But, there is no official app from IRCTC for booking tickets, so Indian Rail and Trains app comes close to this need by providing these features:

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Ngpay (Free)

E-commerce is passé now and it’s time for m-commerce, i.e, ability to buy something at your own convenience from a mobile phone. Ngpay is touted as a ‘mall on mobile’ offering options for following things:

The app offers secure payment gateway for purchasing and gives customers some ‘ngpoints’ for every purchase which can be redeemed later.

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India Code Finder (Free)

Every day we tend to find for some code or the other on the internet or ask friends. India code finder is a nifty app which combines multiple apps like mobile number tracer, IFSC code finder, Pincode finder, etc. into one app. The app can find following things:

The app can also trace following things:

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