Microsoft unveils the new Xbox, Xbox One

Eight years before, the Xbox 360 was launched. And yesterday, we witnessed the announcement of an all new gaming console by Microsoft, “Xbox One”. Here is the event roundup, highlighting all the features that were unveiled by Microsoft is yesterday’s event.

“Where all of your entertainment comes alive in one place” says Xbox Head, Don Mattrick.


Voice Control

As mentioned above, Kinect will now be a part the you Xbox ONe package, and it’s a perfectly voice controlled system that shall start on your command and will follow through. Your voice shall be automatically be detected by the new Xbox to your user profile and sets up all your custom options. All you need to say “Xbox Start“.  Then, you can dictate activities to Xbox One, such as name the game title, tell it to switch to your television etc. Changing between activities was never so easy. It’s remarkably quick. Even quicker that physically changing the channels of your home set-top box television.

Snap Mode

Used Microsoft Windows 8 before? If yes, you probably don’t require any introduction to this. For all those people new to this, Snap Mode in Microsoft Windows 8 allows you to run two activities simultaneously. Like, listening to music while browsing the internet and so on. You can even use Skype, newly introduced to Xbox with the Xbox One, and have that running in Snap Mode too.

Television Connectivity

Now your  living room will never tend to bore you. Microsoft has provided with the feature of Television Connectivity to the all new Xbox One. The console has both HDMI out and in, and can interface with your cable set-top box to add an Xbox source to your viewing. The Xbox One will hook into your TV guide to help you find the shows and channels. Along with finding your channels via the interface, Xbox One will respond to voice commands to like “Play MTV”.

New Kinect

Voice and gestures seem to be the main features of the  Xbox One. You can just boot from off just with a simple “Xbox Start” Voice command. Mehdi showed how grabbing the screen could zoom into a window, and pushing out brought you back to the home screen. The Kinect received a major reform. The sensor bar, bundled with every Xbox One, can now detect and transmit video at 1080p. It can now see and include six figures into its processing, which has been raised from two in the Xbox 360. The Kinect will also be able to detect eye movements, and tell if you are engaged with the console or not. Pairing that with its extreme voice recognition means the Xbox One will know an awful lot about the player.

Holmdahl said it will be able to pick up on hand gestures and smaller objects with more precision than its predecessor.

Ever wasted time in searching for the controllers? Thank the IR sensor. The Kinect will now be able to tell where each controller is in the room, and, thanks to its voice- and face-recognition data, know who is holding which controller.

The Controller

New to Xbox? They controller will definitely look similar to you then. The button positioning has remained primarily the same, though Microsoft has made many changes inside it. The biggest controller change, IR, is that the triggers on its top provide haptic feedback to the player when pressed. Developers can add feedback for any instance you’d use those buttons to add a level of immersion to the gameplay. Microsoft has even brought some changes to the design too. The battery pack on the controller’s rear side has been flipped 90 degrees, if you’ve been a regular Xbox player, you’d have your fingers hit it. The directional pad has also been modified to be more articulated. And the major question that was asked has now an answer, the Xbox 360 controllers will not be supported on the Xbox One.

Xbox Live

That was for certain, Microsoft couldn’t have miss this. It has been Microsoft’s Social Network and has served as a Gaming Hub.

Microsoft said player’s accounts will persist from the Xbox 360, with a whole new suite of benefits. Collectible achievements can exist across several games.

Multiplayer gaming can be more personalized, since Microsoft said Live will now give players more options to decide who they want to play with. There will also be a ‘Smart Match’ system to match players better, and allow them to multitask while waiting for friends to connect. Skype has also been introduced into Xbox One as a video and audio chat client, and it’s easy to see the effects this will have on gaming between friends.


The Microsoft’s presentation was a really short one. But they still managed to demonstrate some really thrilling games to it’s viewers.

Xbox Studio head Phil Spencer said 15 Xbox-exclusive titles would be coming to the console within the first year of release, and eight of those would be entirely new franchises.

Also announced as an Xbox One exclusive was Quantum Break, a new game from Remedy Entertainment, creators of Alan Wake and the first two Max Payne titles. Third-party publishers have also promised their involvement with the Xbox One. EA Sports’ Vice President Andrew Wilson took the stage to show off how FIFA 14, Madden 25, NBA Live 14 and EA’s upcoming UFC game.

He said EA’s new Ignite engine and Xbox One technology would help “blur the line reality and sports games”.


When Sony unveiled their PlayStation 4, one of my complaints was that it focused too much on games than on the console. Microsoft has taken the exact opposite approach, showcasing a device that seems like it would equally fit either a hardcore gamer’s, or a non-player’s living room. As announced, the Xbox One is launching globally ‘later this year’. Microsoft didn’t even hint the viewers about the price tag at which the Xbox One would be sold. Hope to see some big titles at the E3 which is scheduled fo

r 11-13 June 2013. Do provide us with your views on the all new Xbox One.



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