Review: Lenovo ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones [57Y4488]

I got a pair of ThinkPad Headphones with my Lenovo ThinkPad T140. After using it for a couple of weeks, here we present a review on it.

What’s inside the box?

So with the Thinkpad you receive a bunch of things as pictured below:

To be particular, you get the ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones, a carry pouch, two extra pairs of the rubber ear buds and a connector to connect the headphones to the mic and speaker jack of you PC.  Overall, everything you’re getting is common with a good pair of headphones except the connector which I found new and quite useful too as now you can even connect you single pin earphones to and PC which lacks a inbuilt mic.

I tested different in-ear headphones with mic to  this connector and they worked pretty good as well. 

Build Quality

Though these things are not the popular ones as there are hundreds of headphones one can buy, yet I have to say that that these earphones have an extremely high build quality. You can easily feel the velvet look these headphones give. Even the rubber buds on top of the speakers is pretty firm and not of that extra soft types which you usually find in the Samsung ones. Even the cable running throughout the headphones is pretty good, and once you put them in the pouch provided, they wont have a chance of getting tangled. the pouch itself is pretty good, with a velvet outside and a soft cotton stuff to the inside, it just serves as travel pouch.


Sound Quality

I used quite a many earphones during years and I had to say that this, not being the best of them, still served a great sound quality, although after not being of the audio sector greatly. Once inserted nicely and firmly on to the ears, this headphones boast a quite soothing sound with barely any disturbance at a high volume too. I’ve tried them in high noise conditions too, like in the markets and they have turned out to be very good in keeping away the outside sound. I have used it for a few G+ Hangouts and the mic on this also worked fine. Overall, this is a decent set although there are hundreds of other choices you’ve got.


On the comfort factor, these headphone do a commendable job. Sometimes I go wearing it for hours and hours, not even releasing one bit that I have them over. The buds do such a great job, they are soft, yet firm, they are smooth and they are beautiful. But one drawback I face with them is that they often tend to fall off my ear, even when I place them nicely. So basically, it’s good for the ones who don’t require to move all the way again and again, else this is one of the most comfortable  pair of earphones.



  • Nice built
  • Good sound quality
  • Provided accessories
  • B

    uilt-in mic


  • Costly
  • Slippery at times
  • Not widely available
  • More options than this

Price: 1200 INR


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