Microsoft warns of new Facebook Trojan

Microsoft recently warned of a new malware that can possibly hijack a user’s Facebook profile by the means of a Chrome extension or a Firefox add-on. It has been discovered as “Trojan:JS/Febipos”.


Once the user installs the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on, the Trojan starts acting in the background. It checks whether the person is logged into Facebook. If the user is found to be logged in, it tries to download a file that consists of a list of configuration commands.

The malware can perform various actions like Liking, Sharing, Posting, Commenting, joining a Group, even chatting.

Microsoft said that they found a page on which this malware was active, and found the likes and comments on the page increasing at a fast pace. This means that people are downloading and installing this malware at a rapid pace.

What you can do

They recommended users to keep security products up-to-date and avoid installing browser add-ons from unreliable links to help avoid infection.

If you find any such unreliable add-on or extension on the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla  Add-ons website, please report it so that it is removed and other users are not affected.


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