Boost your Android Device

Editors Note: This post targets advance users. These tweaks can either boost your device performance or make it dead. Be careful while trying these. Some manufacturers already adds some tweaks based on the device for maximum performance.

In today’s time where Android is ruling the smartphone world there exists a question, how to taste the full performance of your Android device which it is capable of providing? There are a lot of tweaks you can find on web, but are they really useful?


Lets have a look at some Build.prop tweaks (for Android 4.0+ except 1st):


Many websites list this property as a performance tweak. This property is assumed to keep the launcher in memory. If you are using Gingerbread then this property may prove to be useful but if you are using Android ICS or later, this property is of no use.

2. pm.sleep_mode [USELESS]

This property is assumed to increase the battery life. But by examining ICS code base there doesn’t exist any reference to this property. Basically, adding this property to your build.prop will not result in any performance gain.


This property is assumed to make things faster. But no, there is no effect. Rather if you set this property to true you will find that your Android system is behaving more slow.

4. dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags [USEFUL FOR ALL DEVICES]

This property can change the behaviour of how Dalvik VM performs optimizations and verification. There are various settings you can use, setting “v=n” will turn off the bytecode verification and setting “m=y” will turn on register map for tracking objects to garbage collect. Setting these properties can help you free up unused objects and free up more ram.

5. dalvik.vm.execution-mode [USEFUL FOR ALL DEVICES]

Setting this property to int:jit can help you achieve some performance gains in your system.

6. persist.adb.notify [USEFUL FOR ALL DEVICES]

If you want to de-clutter your notification bar setting this property to “0” can help you.


7. debug.performance.tuning [USEFUL FOR SOME DEVICES]

On examining the ICS code base there is no reference to this property. Basically, setting this property to “true” in your build.prop won’t give you any performance benefits.


This property controls the rate at which videos are encoded by your device when using the camera app. Setting this property to a value higher than 360000 can increase the bit rate of your video.

Note: Property number 8 has no effect while using a third-party camera application.


Steps to Modify build.prop

For rooted devices, you can use “Build Prop Editor” app from the Play Store. Alternatively, follow this guide:

1. Getting ADB(Android Debug Bridge)

2. Modifying build.prop

Just reboot device for changes to take effect!


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