Yahoo!'s new iOS weather application is beautiful

Tired of those boring weather applications that show the weather forecast is a boring way? Good news!

Yahoo has worked to bring out a great weather application for its iOS users. The main motive behind this application is to ‘SEE’ the weather and get a better idea what the weather actually is in different parts of the world. What is meant by ‘seeing’ the weather is that get live photos of the actual images of the town for which the weather is being searched for.


“Today what we do is read the weather. You’re looking a numbers on a chart, and you’re basically reading,” Adam Cahen, Yahoo’s SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products. “The idea is that most of us when we experience weather we really want to see the weather.”

The images that shall be displayed would be extracted from Flickr’s “Project Weather“. And for places, where no image is available, Yahoo uses default weather photos (eg: If it’s raining in New Delhi, it might show raining cloudsif no image is available).

Download the Application for your iOS device


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