[Rumor] iPhone 5S to have varying screen sizes

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in two processors, but what we heard was Apple iPhone 5S could be available in different screen sizes as well as in a bigger range of colors.

According to Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, the upcoming iPhone 5S is rumored to be available in multiple screen sizes. Thus, it will allow users to choose an appropriate size for their use and comfort. Though, there is no confirmed information about the sizes, but what we had learnt is: Apple iPhone 5S will be available in roughly 3 sizes. One having screen size greater than 4-inches, for the ones who want to compete with large screen sized Android smartphones. Second would have a standard screen size of 4-inches for the people who hate iPhone screen sizes becoming bigger and bigger. Third would feature a screen size less than 4-inches and would be economically affordable.

White says that Apple has finally realized that the “one size screen fits all” approach doesn’t stand in the new market.

Apple has also realized that smartphones should be affordable. Keeping this thought in mind, they are working in bringing low-priced iPhones for the economical markets (as per White). Some say that Apple might drop down the price to somewhere around $200-$300.

Apple is losing the share in the market, with this strategy will it be able to re-establish the lost name and fight Android?

[Apple iPhone 5S is rumored to be announced in June, and is expected to be available in early July.]

Source: CNET


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