The New Xbox rumored to be unveiled on 21st May

After months of speculation and rumors, according to Paul Thurrott, it looks like the next generation of Microsoft’s revolutionary Xbox will be unveiled on 21st May.

It was earlier believed the next generation of Xbox will be revealed in April as Eventcore, which had aided Microsoft in E3 2012, had registered the domain name

For those of you who are not familiar with next Xbox codenamed ‘Durango’, here are some details :

  1. According to a leaked documentation, Durango will most likely have a low-power mode, a low latency controller with “improved ergonomics” and a Blu-ray drive. Paul Thurrott also said that the console is most likely to be expensive with a price tag ranging from $300 to $500.
  2. The recent tweet by Microsoft’s Creative Director also indicated about the always- on internet connection. And the reply “no comment” by Microsoft, when asked about this issue, almost confirms the presence of this feature.

With Microsoft delaying the launch of new Xbox , it looks they are not at all scared of Sony’s new Playstation 4.


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