Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch in India on April 25

Its been long time since Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now Samsung has finally decided to bring this smartphone to the Indian markets later this month & is expected to go on sale immediately. Talking about the price. We can now call that online deal that offered Galaxy S4 for Rs. 59,990 a ‘crap’ as the official price will be somewhere around Rs. 42,000.

The Samsung is set to launch the phone in India on 25th April 2013, which was officially announced on 14th March 2013. And yes, Indian users shall be receiving Quad-Core Exynos 5 Octa Processor, as per the detailed list.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will give a tough competition to the HTC One, which is priced at Rs. 42,900┬áin India. It’ll be a tough call for a user to choose between the two devices, but major things that customers would look at would be the price, HTC One is currently priced at Rs 42,900 which is pretty nice for such a powerhouse. Samsung Galaxy S4 would probably be priced lower than the HTC One and would still spend more in Marketing. The race winner can only be decided once both the smartphones are up in the market.

Specifications comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 || HTC One


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