[Rumor] Google to acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

WhatsApp is a big messaging service that is available on most platforms in the market. A recent report by _Digital Trends _shows that possibly Google could acquire WhatsApp for as high as $1 Billion. According to the report, WhatsApp is still negotiating with Google for a higher bid price and this negotiation has started four to five weeks ago.

WhatsApp is a huge service and tech giants wants to acquire it. Last time, Facebook tried to acquire but by no deal was made. Now Google is willing to acquire WhatsApp.

We have rumors of Google Babel, which will be a cross-platform, integrated messaging service. Acquiring WhatsApp can be for multiple reasons, one that they could just take WhatsApp and rebrand it, it would gain higher acceptance at start as many people are already using it. Or maybe they just want competition to get away? Quite possible, but as far as technology is concerned, Google should not have any problem building such a service.

Facebook already has the ‘Messenger’ that is available on almost all the platforms. While GTalk just failed and Google is currently out of  messaging business, Babel could be a game changer.


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