Facebook home and HTC First announced

Facebook announced its ‘Home’ application with the Facebook ‘phone’, the HTC First. HTC First is the first Facebook phone from HTC, it packs a Snapdragon 400 dual-core processor clocked at 1.4Ghz with 1GB of ram. This device has a 4.3″ 720p display, and runs Android 4.1 behind the Facebook home application. It will be available in the US for $99 with contract with AT&T on April 12. Facebook said that the ‘home’ app will be available to certain devices through the Play Store on April 12 itself. This device is built for the Social living, with complete integration with Facebook via the home app.

Talking about the app itself, it now acts like a launcher to the phone and adds several Facebook connectivity features to the device. The app displays the latest photos and news feed from your friends as soon as you power on the device. All the facebook features are embedded in the app in some gesture way, like to ‘Like’ a post, you need to double tap or single tap to leave a comment. They (of course) have all the Facebook apps including Messenger and Instagram to add to the social experience. Facebook added a new app drawer that has your facebook apps to launch in one click. Though this is a nice on software part but somehow limits the way to organize the stuff.

Facebook introduced more social centric features like the “Chat Heads”, which are just blobs that pop up when you receive a message on whatever screen you are. This may be nice but sometimes this can irritate like when gaming full screen. Notification are now  much more like Google Now cards, you sort, stack or just swipe them away. Swiping down from the top brings the default Android notifications.

Overall, this looks like a war against Google, taking over the Android stuff, replacing the launcher and more. Facebook home puts everything facebook onto the home screen, the messages, notifications, contact and even Advertising. Facebook just ‘used’ android to put its business model to more and more users in terms of earning more money.

According to me (this is a personal thought), it looks more like Google+ now. Google already has a strong integration of Google+ into Android, and now Facebook is trying to do the same thing.

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