Google forks WebKit for new rendering engine for Chromium Project

Google today officially announced the new “Blink” rendering engine on the Chromium Blog. Google is going to fork the current WebKit engine and continue development with it. Google said that they are doing this to speed up the development of Chrome, which uses a multi-threaded architecture and WebKit is making it complicated. Google says that Blink will stay open-source.

WebKit is Apple’s webpage rendering engine which is used a whole lot of browsers including Apple’s own Safari.

What will this take on for the web? As this is a fork of WebKit, most websites (and web developers)  will have their code remain unchanged, for a period of time. Possibly, Google will make changed into this engine and introduce many such things that will make the developers to change the code a little to support this new engine. Also, there will be no more vendor-specific prefixes now.

Also, as Opera recently switched to Chromium project for their browsers, so Opera will also use the same engine. Bruce Lawson said that Opera will continue using the Chromium source with this new Blink engine for its Opera browsers, though he also said that this is his personal post.

We will look to this new rendering engine in the near future.


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