Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S4 features for Android and iOS

So all of us were flattered when we heard what the Samsung Galaxy S4 had to offer. None of us had earlier seen so many unique features in a single smartphone. But here is the reality, what Samsung has really done is take different apps from Google Play Store as well as the Apple Apps store and put those into one smartphone. Here are some of the apps we were able to find after some digging.

1. Google Translate– Available on both Android and iOS

This app is a substitute to Samsung’s S translator and on the contrary offers much more choice than S translator.

Google Translate on Android

Google Translate on iOS

2. DailyBurn Tracker– Available on iOS & Android

This app is a subtitute to Samsung’s S Health and offers some amazing features.

DailyBurn Tracker on Android

DailyBurn Tracker on iOS

3. Intsig CamCard – Available on both Android and iOS

This app does exactly the same function that Samsung’s Photo Reader does. With Photo Reader you can take photos of business cards and its contact information will be automatically added to your address book.

Intsig CamCard on Android

Intsig CamCard on iOS

4.┬áTelling Photos App– Available on Android

This App is similar to the Sound and Shot App in Samsung Galaxy S4. Though, unlike Sound and Shot it does not allow you to record sound and take picture simultaneously. It allows you to add an audio clip to a photo

Telling Photos App on Android

5. MoboPlayer– Available on Android

One of the most exciting features seen in Galaxy series is Pop-up Play. MoboPlayer not only allows to perform Pop-up play like functions but also supports a variety of video formats and even offers several gesture controls.

MoboPlayer on Android

6. DuoCam– Available on iOS

This app allows functionality similar to dual shot in Galaxy S4. But rather than taking photos from the front camera and the rear camera at the same time, it first captures a photo from the rear camera and then instantaneously captures a photo from the front camera.

DuoCam on iOS

7. Universal Remote Accessory– Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Just like the IR blaster, there are several Universal Remote Accessories like Zmart which allows the users to control their TVs and set top boxes.

Find it on Android

Find it on iOS

8. Other apps include App Factory Jukebox Hero (available on iOS & Android) like Group Play, Wave Control (available on Android) like Air Gesture and Isee You (available on Android) like Smart Stay.

Though Samsung Galaxy S4 is greatly in demand and is appealing to a large number of customers , but consumers like me will only be interested in buying the Galaxy S4 if Samsung puts a reasonable price tag on it.



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