'Backtrack Linux' now called 'Kali Linux'

Offensive Security, as we all know, funds Backtrack as a penetration testing tool. Backtrack is used all around the world as the favorite Linux distribution for penetration testing. Now, Offensive Security is starting a new project called “Kali Linux”, this offers over 300 penetration tools with Debian based system and FHS-compliant system. Finally, Kali Linux adopts the same tagline and image as the Backtrack, so it will take the place of Backtrack.

Backtrack has not seen any development from a long time (Aug 13 2012), this helps us think that Kali Linux was in production from that time. We would see many new features with this new Distribution.

Offensive Security has officially announced this change on the Kali website. They have added a whole lot of new features and a completely new base system. Kali Linux was released 5 days ago at the time of writing this post, They have already announced over 90,000 downloads.

As we thought about why had they did this major change, they wrote:

We realized it would be easier to start afresh, using new technologies and processes than to try to patch up our existing environment to conform to Debian policies and standards.

Also, one more thing to note for the penetration testers is that the ‘/pentest’ directory is now gone, with the new FHS-compliant system all the tools can be called in any directory as they are in system path. They all included the support for ARMEL and ARMHF, including for these arm devices: rk3306 mk/ss808, Raspberry Pi, ODROID U2/X2, and the Samsung Chromebook.


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