Airtel brings 40Mbps VDSL broadband services in Hyderabad

Bharti Airtel has launched a new set of broadband plans on a Very-high-digital-speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) in Hyderabad that can boost upto a speed of 40Mbps.

These new VDSL 40Mbps line is tailor-made for consumers with heavy data usage and is expected to offer high-speed data. As claimed by Airtel, the VDSL technology is a new and advanced standard of communication via wires.

Airtel has also introduced two monthly plans for the time being, which are:

a) Ultrasonic 3999 priced at Rs. 3,999/- and offering 200GB of high-speed data* with 2,000 minutes of A2A calling.

b) Ultrasonic 3299 priced at Rs. 3,200/- and offering 100GB of high-speed data* with 1,000 minutes of A2A calling.

Other expenses beside the monthly charges:

The users will be required to purchase Beetle’s VDSL WiFi modem priced at Rs. 3,099/- to enjoy these high-speed plans.

Other services that shall be provided to users:

Free Value Added Services (VAS) that shall include Parallel Ringing, PC Secure (Airtel’s AntiVirus Software), unlimited gaming through Games on Demand, LearnNext and some other services.

*Both the plans will offer a speed of 40Mbps and after reaching the limit, it will drop down to 512Kbps.


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