Now Hashtags on Facebook too?

As we all are familiar, we can tag our friends, pages we like and it is expected that you’ll be able to use Hashtags on Facebook too, so that the posts can be easily indexed and searched for using Graph Search. But this is indeed hard for Facebook, as they need to filter posts that are searchable via Graph Search. The current search engine, will return you with people, pages, applications, places & interests. Facebook said that the search of posts through the Graph Search will soon come into action, using hashtags will return in even more useful posts.


What if Hashtags are not there?

Though, we are not confident about the hashtags being used for Facebook posts, but if they are not included, searching for posts can be cumbersome & time consuming. By implementing hashtags for posts, any person who wants his/her post to be indexed well by Graph Search can use them. If implemented, clicking on the hashtag phrase, will redirect you to the Graph Search page for the mentions for that particular phrase, similar to the one seen on Twitter.


What other than Hashtags?

A section for trending topics could come along with the Hashtags for the post search that would list the most popular phrase being used by people around the world, again similar Twitter.

Though this will be a hard task for the Facebook Team, but figuring out how to operate the hashtags would be a transform for the popular social network. But if Facebook brings hashtags before the search of posts, it might not be of much use.


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