Google Play offers discounts and deals for a week

Following Flipkart, which offered discount on music [Flyte] on its anniversary Google Play is offering discounts and deals for its users on its first birthday.

The deals range from free books and music to discounted movies and TV rentals, along with new Android-themed additions in some games. Deals seem to differ depending on the country and region. Among the offers are a 10 percent discount with, a $15 gift card from the Google+ Sign-In partner Fancy, 99-cent movie rentals, free song tracks from The Velvet Underground and LCD Soundsystem and more.

This was the message displayed by the Google Play Team: “It was just a year ago today that we launched this amazing shop on the interwebs to offer the best in digital content. Since the best parties are the ones that send you home with a present, today we celebrate our birthday with a festive goodie bag full of gifts. Don’t delay in picking up these limited-time offers. It’s been an incredible first year and we look forward to sharing the gift of digital diversions for many more to come.”

Keep a track on the discounts and deals here.


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