Samsung Galaxy S IV: What all you need to know?

As you all know by now, Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S IV, its next flagship, on March 14 at the Times Square in New York. So, what all you need to know?

Yesterday, Somone did a AnTuTu benchmark of the Device and leaked all the information about the device. Earlier, we thought that S IV will come in two variants, one with Enynos based SoC and other with a Qualcomm one. But in the AnTuTu benchmark it said that the Enynos version of the device will have LTE. That means that there will only be one version for the whole world, maybe.  Also from the benchmark itself, we confirm the following specs.

Also, from the benchmark itself, it seems like Galaxy S IV will NOT beat the HTC One. This is something never expected. We think that Samsung will have something that will beat the HTC One on benchmarks also.

Yesterday, Samsung also released the first teaser video for S IV or say the Unpacked Event.

In January, Samsung filed a patent for the Eye Scroll technology, we think that it would debut in this Device.

Today, @evleaks on Twitter leaked two images of the Galaxy S IV.

All what know is this. We are really looking toward for the unpacked event. Let us see what Samsung has for us.


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