WeVideo: online collaborative video editor

Yup. WeVideo. The best online video editing tool I’ve ever witnessed. Brought to you by Palo Alto-based WeVideo Inc., this web service makes video editing much simpler and fun. Collaborating with people is damn easy, the editing interface is really cool and user-friendly, and the video production process is well organised and easy-to-handle.


The editor is of three types to cater to the needs of novices as well as experts. Here’s the feature comparison as shown on WeVideo’s Features page:


Build and Design

The editor is Flash-based and you’re given a well-laid out introduction┬áthe first time you fire it up, it to make you well familiar with the app.

As it is built on flash, it works on absolutely any browser, provided that you have Flash support.

The design, as I stated earlier, is user-friendly and pleasing. The website is well-crafted for the intended audience, and the full-featured editor has all the major functionality to add your effects, attractive titles, making it cool, and so on. More on that soon.

Being on the Cloud

This enables you to collaborate easily with friends, colleagues and anyone who would like to work on the video, make it better or put in their own inputs.

Moreover, it also connects your web video editing to your mobile camera, and helps you to “share your stories together with friends”.

Working on it

The full-featured editor sports four feature tabs to divide the working:

  1. Upload: Enables you to select images, videos and sounds from your computer to be used as a part of your video. All famous video and audio formats are supported. It also has an “Import from the web” portion, which you can use to import content from your Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and a lot more social hubs.
  2. Edit: The main part of the editor. It consists of libraries of all the music, images, videos and other content used in the video. The libraries can be browsed using a vertical navigator on the left. Also, it has a video preview area, which shows you a glimpse of whatever you’ve made so far, whenever you want to view it. At the bottom is the editing pane, which shows a storyboard, timeline, or advanced timeline, according to your preference.
  3. Style: This tab contains a whole lot of themes which you can use to make your video look more attractive and matching to the theme. WeVideo is constantly adding new themes to this section.
  4. Publish: This part is great. Here, you can set the resolution of the output video, and also where you want to publish it to (WeVideo, YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, or to your Google Drive). Getting a 480p video can be done for free, though you’re charged some money for the 720p and 1080p resolution outputs. You will get an email once the video is ready.

The top portion of the editor also contains tabs to edit your current video’s name, view other videos by you, delete, duplicate and save your video, view your recent activity, choose your editing mode, and change your account settings.

At the bottom right, there are options to access the help section, go fullscreen, and more options according to the current editing mode.

Google Drive App

WeVideo is available on the Chrome Web Store. This app can be used from Google Drive to edit your videos online or to use them as a part of a larger video production.


So, WeVideo is a great and simple web app to make amazing videos. Sharing is easy, as well as collaboration. The editor is loaded with features and effects. The compiled video is rich in quality. You can even edit videos on your Google Drive, or your social accounts. Amazing.

Peep in: http://wevideo.com


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