How to recover permanently deleted files?

Usually when we delete files they shift to the Recycle Bin, but have you made ‘Shift + Delete’ a habit? No problem now. Even if you permanently delete the file (Shift + Delete), it does not gets permanently erased from the Hard Disk Drive. It can be recovered by using some tools. Though it may not guarantee the recovery, but still giving a try won’t take much of the user’s time.

You can now download the DataRecovery tool that is made by Tokiwa. All you need to do is, download the tool which weighs not more than 200 KBs. And, now launch the software and select the drive from which you had accidentally deleted your file. It will generate a list of all the files that were recently deleted from that drive. If that file would be recoverable, just click on that particular file.

Hope luck favors you and the file you want to recover is displayed on the list. Good Luck!

Download the DataRecovery tool


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