Remote Play on PlayStation 4

We all got pretty excited when we heard about the Remote Play feature back in 2006. Remote Play is a feature on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita that allows the users to play certain PlayStation 3 games as well as music and videos stored on the PlayStation 3 Hard Disk Drive on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. Back then, Sony promised some serious games that would be compatible with PlayStation Portable via Remote Play. But with the passage of time, the only thing we got was disappointment.

But now with the announcement of the Playstation4, Sony has not only announced the Remote Play feature on the new Gaming Beast, but even gave us some demo of the remote play feature on the PlayStation 4. But with this good news, there is a bad news too. The Remote Play capability of the new PlayStation 4 is only limited to PS Vita.

Since we all are aware of the gaming capabilities of both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, we can expect some pretty sweet Remote Play compatible titles in the near future.


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