Web apps that may turn your life online

Seriously. You can turn your whole life online. Documents, image editing, video editing, notes, archiving…… the list goes on. All you need to have is a reasonably good internet connection, and you can use a whole lot of online variants of the software that you normally use offline. And, along with that you get the amazing power of the cloud. All your data, your creations and stuff you create using these online apps can either be saved online, or be downloaded and kept on your system.

Here I  bring to you a list of amazing web apps that are not just equal to your native software, but sometimes even better. Let’s go purpose-wise:

Office suite – word processing, spreadsheets,  presentations, forms etc.

Google Docs: The daddy in the category, Google Docs is widely known and used. You can easily create, edit and share your docs, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings.

The editors and other interfaces are clean and familiar and are hence easy-to-use. The stuff you create can be downloaded in a variety of formats, and the conversions are perfect. Moreover, Google recently merged Docs with Google Drive, and enabled its users to store and edit their content all at one place. You can also create folders and systematically categorize your content on the Drive.

Google Docs even has support for various third-party apps like Pixlr Editor, ShiftEdit etc., to open up your images and other files using them. These apps can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.


The Google Docs viewer is even able to open ZIP and RAR files, and images and files from your GMail.

Other variants: Microsoft Office Web Apps, Zoho

Online Image Editing

Pixlr: This online flash-based image editor family is brought to you by Autodesk. From professional image editing to just playing around with your pics, Pixlr is perfect. The Advanced Editor enables you to apply various effects and editing to your images, just like you do on Photoshop or others. You can start from a blank image, load your images from your own computer, or load an image from its URL. Saving can also be done in various ways. You can generate an imm.io link for your edited image, save it to your computer, or even share it to your social account on Picasa, Facebook and so on.

Pixlr-o-matic enables you to add retro effects to your image, and save them online or offline.

Other variants: Sumo Paint

Video Editing

YouTube Editor: This great video editor from YouTube allows you to drag in your videos, images and audio to create your own beautiful videos. You can even add YouTube Creative Commons videos and play around with them. The editor also sports a variety of text effects, transitions, audio effects and other essential functionality. Once you create your video “project” you can add it to YouTube as a YouTube video.

The YouTube Video editor lets you make quick edits to your uploaded YouTube videos. You can combine multiple clips, incorporate Creative Commons footage, enhance your clips with effects, and more.

As I stated earlier, having all your work done and saved online gives you a lot of benefits. It’s much easier to share, collaborate and publicize that way. The most important is the benefit of the cloud. You don’t need to worry about hard disk crashes, data formats or insecurity. You can show your content to people you want, get suggestions, etc. with much ease. So, I believe you’re convinced enough to shift all your work online so as to remain carefree and do your work with ease. The web is the place.


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