Apple 'quietly' unveils Apple TV in India

Apple has finally brought the Apple TV to India. This shows that Apple has started taking interest in the Indian Market and they should as the Apple Fanboyism has grown a lot which gives Apple a better chance to sell their products in India. Now what is the Apple TV? Does it have any future in a country like India?

Apple TV is a simple router which takes the media from your iDevice and mirrors it to your TV either wirelessly or via HDMI but that’s not all. It has its own UI and a store which allows you to buy Movies or rent them and even buy tickets for matches. Apple TV is also integrated with Apple’s Cloud Storage, ‘iCloud’ which allows us to see the pictures and other media content stored on iCloud. It can mirror anything from games to movies from your iDevice which gives you a bigger screen to watch, learn and play.

Coming up to the next question, does it have any future in India? In my opinion, yes, it does have a future in India but will take a lot of time to make the people understand its importance and how it can easily kick off an ordinary DVD/Blu-Ray Player. The main problem here is the price which is INR 7,900 which is very high for a new type of technology but this is not the end, there are some Indian brands which might be interested in this technology like Micromax and Karbonn which might launch products having Android and much more advancements than the Apple TV which os likely to be called Google TV.

Price: Rs. 7,900/-


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