Microsoft Outlook officially replaces Hotmail

Microsoft Outlook that was launched as a Preview has now officially launched with more that 60 million accounts. It has become the world’s fastest growing email service¬†going from 0 to 60 million in just six months.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in this journey: is coming out of preview and people everywhere can get started and give it a try at, said¬†the firm’s director of product management, David Law in a blog post. also allows users to upgrade their account from Hotmail or Google Mail without loosing any data.

To mark the launch of Outlook, Microsoft started its marketing campaign with two advertisements that showcases features and services offered by the popular email service. We have an advertisement below that shall give you an overview of Sweep, that allows users to delete, move or archive messages more easily as compared to the previous version of the email.

You can have a look at the comparison between the world’s most famous email service, namely, Outlook-Google Mail-Yahoo Mail here.

Microsoft announces the launch of on its blog


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