Three overlooked Mobile games that you should know

Who doesn’t love games? People who are no fun, that’s who. And you don’t want to be mistaken for that, do you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are more games for Mobile devices than there are stars in our galaxy, which tends to some real gems getting overlooked. Sure, we’ve all played Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds and Temple Run 2, but that’s not the end of Mobile gaming.

Here are three games you probably don’t know about, but should:

1. Gyro

Gyro is a novel concept if I’ve ever seen one. You are a circle with three parts. Yes, that one. Someone is throwing balls at you from all angles. You have to move the circle to make sure you only catch balls in the area which matches their colour. You can swipe the circle, or a movement bar at the bottom if you want quicker control.

Like most of the greatest mobile games, it’s a simple concept that has been executed so well you can’t put it down. Gyro will keep you busy for hours, trying to make sure the red ball doesn’t end up in the blue area. The gamification elements are all well-traversed – you get score multipliers, you get powerups, power-downs, you know the drill. The best part is, it automatically saves at the point where you got your highest multiplier, and you can always begin again from that part. So there’s always a higher score to be made! Genius, pure genius.

It’s in-app purchases aren’t extortionate. You can buy an extra game mode or colour packs if you want to, but it will keep you busy for weeks without requiring any purchases. It’s free to play, to pay to win.

Yes, this thing is entirely free. Try it out, it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Though it eventually will, because you won’t be able to put it down.

Download link for Android [Free]

Download link for iOS [$0.99]

2. Extreme Road Trip 2

You’re on a road trip. Your gas pedal is stuck. What do you do? Stop the ignition? Get out of the car? Wrong. You try to rotate the car, do stunts, and land safely to get coins. And money. And more gas, so you can continue rotating.

Or at least that’s what the developers of Extreme Road Trip 2 would do, if the game is any indication. The gameplay is simple enough: there’s a button for rotating left, and one for rotating right. Pressing both of them together slams the car down. Using the combination of these three controls, you have do stunts and land them as well as you can, to get more gas. If you hit a perfect landing, you go into ‘Overdrive’ – basically turbo/boost mode, where you go faster, jump higher, and earn even more gas. You collect coins as you go along, and there are enough achievements to keep you interested. You and your car level up separately, and there’s always some reward to leveling up, so the game keeps going at a brisk pace.

A word of caution though: this game pushes for in-app purchases. It’s pretty much impossible to buy more than 2 cars unless you pay up or put some heavy time into grinding coins. Furthermore, the obligatory power-ups also push you to buy coins. None of this gets in the way though, and you can have hours of fun without spending a single rupee. I haven’t spent anything on this game, and I love it.

Apparently, I’ve been doing road trips wrong all my life.

Download link for Android [Free]

Download link for iOS [Free]

3. Death Worm

If only all game titles were as descriptive as Death Worm’s. No longer would mothers be surprised that Call Of Duty isn’t about calling. Or duty. But Death Worm? You’re a worm whose job is to cause death. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

The controls are simple: you move with the virtual analog stick, and activate two power ups with the two on-screen buttons available. You primarily move underground, only to gather momentum and jump out of the dirt to cause havoc. You can jump from beneath cars, tanks, camels, people, bombs, you name it. If you can rise high enough, there are even helicopters or planes for you to destroy. You gain more strength and speed as you destroy more things, but your life keeps getting chipped at by the puny humans. How long can you last? Long enough to have lots of fun.

Death Worm is a blast to play. Destroying civilization has never been this fun. You can keep going for some time before you realise you had to eat around 2 hours ago. Then continue anyway because food can wait, but that army tank begging to be destroyed can’t. You’ll cause some major damage, some huge explosions, and lots of blood and gore. What more could you want from a game?

Death Worm comes in free and paid sizes. The paid version offers 2 more stages, 20 more enemies, 15 more levels, and a few other things. Certainly buy it to support the developers if you so feel, but you won’t be missing anything much by playing the free version. Both will keep you hooked all the same.

Download link for Android [Free] [Paid: Rs. 110.74]

Download link for iOS [$0.99]


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