Betalist: Get to know about tomorrow's startups

Betalist – a website that lets you discover and know about the startups that will come into being in the near future.

Beta List is a curated and up-to-date listing of internet startups that are currently in private beta or will be in beta soon and have currently a so called ‘beta list’ where interested people can subscribe to, to be notified when the startup goes live.

****The homepage shows the latest submitted startup posts, which contains a preview image, social links, Follow functionality, description and a “Read more” link for more information.

On the sidebar, you get links to ‘Submit a startup’ or to get their Newsletter, RSS Feed and social links for Betalist. The top navigation has links for Search, Archives, Regions and other important pages. The Archives section is quite handy, displaying all submitted startups month-by-month. Similarly, Regions shows a country-wise list.


  1. Search could have had been more dynamic. Instead of loading a new page, it could have had been embedded on the page itself.

  2. Submission of startups could be backed by a user system. I can’t somehow gulp the idea of letting users submit startups without logging in.

They lately introduced the Interviews section which contains interview videos of startups shared via Betalist. Interesting.

Peep in to Betalist here –

Oh, and yes, a domain hack. Again.




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