Valve in talks with J.J. Abrams over Half Life, Portal movies

The first big gaming event of the year, DICE 2013, is on in full force in Las Vegas, and it has thrown up it’s first piece of exciting news.

Veteran Hollywood director J.J. Abrams (_Star Trek, Lost)_ and Gabe Newell of Valve held a storytelling discussion where they rolled each other’s clips for 25 minutes, along with other films like Die Hard, discussing the similarities and differences the way films and video games tell stories, and the successes and failures of both mediums.

While Abrams told Gabe he “loves the experience of playing Valve games”, Gabe mentioned a scene from Abrams’ movie Cloverfield as his favourite scene in cinema. They revealed that their talk at Dice was just a public rehash of the talks they had been conducting in person for quite some time. “What we are actually doing here, we are recapitulating a series of conversations going on,” said Newell. “We reached the point that we decided to do more than talk.”

Later, in talks with Polygon after the event, Abrams said “It’s as real as anything in Hollywood ever gets. Which is that we are really talking to Valve, we are going to be bringing on a writer, we have a lot of very interesting ideas.”

They are apparently also discussing making a game together, which should be an interesting proposition.

If anyone can do justice to Valve’s games, it’s Abrams. He certainly has the lineage, and if he can be trusted for Star Wars Episode VII, he can be trusted for anything. However, dealing with properties as loved as Half Life 2 and Portal is always akin to walking on glass, and it can be very easy to mess up the tone. Gabe’s billions, and his close creative control, should keep him in check.

And hey, we get to see GLaDOS on the big screen, so nothing bad can come from this.



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