Ubuntu Smartphones releasing in October

Well, after BlackBerry 10, it’s Ubuntu’s time. Canonical is aiming to deliver the new Ubuntu OS to the developers by late February or early March. But it won’t arrive in the market before October for the consumers. This series of smartphones seem to be very similar to the BlackBerry Z10, having no buttons and full of gestures. The common question that you might ask is “Who will manufacture these Ubuntu devices?”. So, Canonical has answered this question, it says “It will be easy for current Android smartphones manufacturers to switch to this operating system.”

Canonical is also promising ‘a leap’ ahead of the current interfaces. What are you expecting? A pure gesture based operating system? Will the OS be able to establish a place in the market, with the new versions of iOS and Android expected to release before it? It is certain that Ubuntu will face a tough competition from the other operating systems. Well, all that we can do is wait for more updates from the organization.



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