What's new in BlackBerry 10?

We witnessed the launch of BlackBerry 10 on January 30, with the unveiling of two new devices, namely Z 10 and Q 10. Z10 is a full touch device and Q10 has a physical qwerty keyboard. So here we are, to tell you about the new features in BlackBerry 10 OS in brief, in case you missed out the launch event.

1. BlackBerry Flow:

BlackBerry has a new multi-tasking feature. With BlackBerry Flow, you can easily switch between the applications with closing any of them.

2. BlackBerry Peek:

Another way of multi-tasking. With peek you can have a look at important notifications. Like, for example, as demonstrated in the event, we could have a peek at our mails while watching a YouTube video.

3. BlackBerry Hub:

Keeps a track of all the messages that you receive in a day. It maybe BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, Facebook or your email. BlackBerry demonstrated this feature for quite a long time, looks like they really worked hard for it.

4. BlackBerry Keyboard:

BlackBerry has always been a king when it comes to ‘Keyboard’. The touch keyboard available on Z 10 is a pretty good built-in keyboard. And the auto-correct is really good and most of the time accurate. Plus, the flicking word gestures is simply awesome, have a look at the pictures to know more about the keyboard.

5. BlackBerry Balance:

A major feature, which I liked the most, namely ‘BlackBerry Balance’. It shall hold your personal and private business data on your device in separate section so that the user can keep their personal and professional lives separated. All the enterprise data is stored on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. That means employees who leave the company can have company data wiped from their phones without impacting any personal data on the device.

6. BlackBerry Messenger:

The new BlackBerry OS comes with a new version of BlackBerry Messenger. Users can now video chat and share screens with friends while on the call (BBM integrated calls). The company says that Screen Share is especially useful for those who want to share documents, like Powerpoint slides and Excel spreadsheets, with coworkers over a live video chat.

7. BlackBerry Remember:

For all those who forget things fast, here is an application for you. You can make notes (even voice notes) and can even add a video or picture to it. Plus, the user can set a due date for the note.

8. BlackBerry Camera:

BlackBerry 10’s camera system offers a quick shutter speed, which eventually means that you’re less likely to miss out important movements of your life. ‘Time Shift’, that probably is the best and unique feature in the camera. You can change the timing of the photo, which means that the photo will result in a different posture of the subject.

9. Picture Editor:

Offers the user a variety of ready to use effects. All the pre-existing effects though. But a good editor.

10. BlackBerry Story Maker:

Select photos; add a background track, title and credits; choose the effects and you’re done. A decent movie maker, BlackBerry could have worked on adding some more and unique effects.




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