ICO Teaches Sony a Lesson.

Sony has now been taught a  serious lesson and would probably start taking its security seriously. Sony has been fined a whooping  £250,000 (approx Rs 2.1 crores) by the Information Commissioner’s Office, a UK data protection watchdog, after personal details of millions of gamers including credit card numbers were leaked online. The company strongly disagrees with the decision and plans to appeal against it. The company has released a statement that says, – “Criminal attacks on electronic networks are a real and growing aspect of 21st century life and Sony continually works to strengthen our systems, building in multiple layers of defense and working to make our networks safe, secure and resilient. The reliability of our network services and the security of our consumers’ information are of the utmost importance to us, and we are appreciative that our network services are used by even more people around the world today than at the time of the criminal attack.”

This incident took place last year in the month of April when the personal details such as credit card details,birth details,passwords of as  many as 100 million gamers were leaked online. This led to widespread panic as this could lead to identity theft. This security breach was a huge setback as the Company’s CEO had to issue an apology .This even led to the tumbling of company’s share prices.

This security breach was a huge shocker for the whole world as no one could have imagined that the security of a company as big as Sony was so vulnerable. But this fine, to many, would seem a bit harsh as ICO believes that the personal details that were leaked were not used for any fraudulent purposes.


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