h.265 Codec Approved, Why should you care?

In today’s world, we love videos stored on our portable devices. Storing a DVD rip is about 700MB and that is fine, but what about 1080p? It takes about 5 GB for the that video quality. Also new phone technologies are coming up with extreme device resolutions of 1080p in a 5 inch screen. That’s a great resolution, and you need to tackle that by saving a 1080p video on your phone, but 5GB for a video? Its too high.

There was a need of new Codec that can solve the problem, so they came up with h.265, the successor of h.264. This new coded promises the same video quality in about half the size, that’s pretty interesting. On the figures, this means that DVD rip will be about 350MB and 1080p video will be about 2.5GB. This may not be huge figure, but talking about 2160p (4k) video its about 4 times the size of 1080p, that totals to 20GB! for a video. With h.265 codec, this will be 10GB, now this is a big difference.

This new codec was approved by ITU on Jan 25, sadly you may need to buy a new phone after this codec in implemented. Video is something that normally has dedicated hardware for decoding and encoding, or if you do it with Software decoder, it will eat up all your battery.

The report also had these lines, so I guess devices with this codec is not so far my being in our hands.

Companies including ATEME, Broadcom, Cyberlink, Ericsson, Fraunhofer HHI, Mitsubishi, NHK, NTT DOCOMO and Qualcomm have already showcased implementations of HEVC.

Qualcomm also showcased this new Codec running on Snapdragon processors at MWC’12. Have a look at video below.


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