Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Review

Micromax released A110 Canvas 2 in November 2012 at Rs 9990 (US$ 179). This device had a big hype at the time of launch. Some features include:


This device has a pretty good build quality and Design. If you like the design of Galaxy S III, then probably, you will like it. The form factor is also similar to that of Galaxy S III.


The hardware is good but still not awesome. This smartphone has a 1Ghz Dual-Core processor, 512MB of ram and 3GB internal storage. This device has a  5 inch FWVGA screen, which is not so impressive.


This device have a 8MP camera. The tap to focus works great and the phone now has dual panorama modes. The simple panorama, which will surprise you with the quality of seam less stitching of images however the end result may be blurry if you move fast. The other one is a macro panorama, useful when possibly taking a picture of some text in a book, you can continue to take each word of a sentence in a shot to join to make a complete zoomed up picture of a long sentence.


If you want to device just to say that its a dual-core 5 inch device, its a nice phone. But if you want real performance, this device doesn’t stand anywhere. You should look for other alternatives if you want a good device.


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