Browser Shortcuts that everyone should know.

Most of the modern browsers come with some shortcuts, which are essential in order of fast browsing. Here is a list of some shortcuts, hope this will help you surf faster:

  1. Backspace: Will help you to go back to the previous page.
  2. F5: Will reload the web page.
  3. Shift + F5: Re-caches the webpage, you can also call it ‘Hard Refresh’.
  4. Ctrl + (+ or -): Zooms in or out.
  5. Alt + D: Activates the address bar.
  6. Ctrl + T: Opens a new tab.
  7. Ctrl + (number): Switches to that tab.
  8. Ctrl + H: To view the history.
  9. Ctrl + J:  Downloads.
  10. Ctrl + Shift + N: Opens incognito window. [Only for Google Chrome]


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