Sony unveils the limited edition PlayStation3 for $299.

User demands finally made Sony to announce the 500GB PlayStation 3 in the US on 27th January 2013. The company will also be offering a one year PlayStation Plus membership with this PS3.

The membership includes:
  1. 12 Hit games for PlayStation®3 and 6 for PlayStation Vita.
  2. New games added to your collection every month.
  3. Exclusive discounts of 10% – 75% on the PlayStation®Store.
What will the box contain?
  1. PlayStation 3 [500 GB]
  2. One year PlayStation Plus membership
  3. One dual-shock and 3 wireless controllers
  4. AV Cable, USB Cable & AC Power Cord

Sony also drawing users attention to the PlayStation Mobile platforms, by offering them a free game every week for the first six weeks. PlayStation Mobile platforms include either a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation certified Android device.

For PlayStation Vita users, it quite simple. Just head to PlayStation Mobile Section of the PlayStation Store. And those with PlayStation certified Android device, that includes Sony smartphones or tablets and HTC Android Smartphones need to download the Sony PlayStation Mobile Application.

As per the official PlayStation Mobile blog, the generous people at Sony are spreading a bit of the remaining holiday spirit, which is much appreciated. The blog asks users to check the Store Update post each Tuesday until February 19th to see which new PlayStation Mobile game will be free for that week. One new game will be listed as free each Wednesday.


Have a look at the announcement by Sony at the PlayStation Blog.


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